Les can restring your racket, whether it is for Tennis, Racquetball or Badminton.

The information he needs to restring your racket is what type of string, what tension for the strings, and when do you need it returned?

You can start with a good quality synthetic gut (another name for nylon) at $25, up to natural gut for $60.   Hybrid stringing (two different string types), popular with the pros, is available starting at $35.  Discuss your needs with Les in order to pick what is best for you.  If you want to provide your own string; the labor is $15.

Your racket lists a range of tension on the frame.  Generally, the lower tension is for power, and the higher tension is for control.  If you don’t know, Les will string the racket in the middle of the tension range.  After a few stringings, you may want to adjust the tension to meet your style of play.

24 hour racket return is available, or you can make other arrangements.


The maintenance of your racket grip is largely overlooked. The handle easily gets dirty making it slippery and difficult to grip.  Les can re-grip you racket for $20.  Or, a more inexpensive method is using Over-grips.  He can replace those for $3.00.

For more information on stringing, please Click: FAQ