Common Questions about Racket Restringing


1. Why do I need my racket restrung? Other than the obvious broken string, there are several other factors:

1. Strings continue to stretch (or lose tension) after they have been strung in a racket.
This will result in loss of control or power.
2. Your racket will perform best when maintained at the recommended tension.

2. How often do I need to get my racket restrung?
1. It should be restrung at least once a year. Strings are continually losing tension.
2. It depends on how often you play. The more you play, the faster they wear out.
3. It depends on how hard you hit the ball.
4. The start of your USTA league season, and before the play-offs.
5. before a tennis tournament.
6. And anytime you feel the strings are getting “tired”.


Tennis Racket - Tennis Strings
3. What string should I select?
1. Synthetic Gut (Man-made strings) These can be various types of plastics molded or formed in a variety of shapes, roughness and durability. The latest is Polyester.
2. Natural Gut This is the “Gold” standard for all strings. This natural product still out performs any synthetic product to date. It is also the most expensive.

4. So what string is best for me?
1. How skilled a player are you? A beginning or average club player should select a good low cost string until they improve their skill level.
2. How often do you play? The more you play, then more the string move against each other (think “sawing”), the quicker they wear out.
3. How hard to you hit? Similar to the statement above, they will wear sooner, or even break faster. A more durable string maybe should be considered.
4. I want to be like the pros. If money is no object, then you can select more expensive strings whether you need them or not. The pros are now using a combination of strings (called “hybrids”) that are also on the top of the price list.

5. What brands of strings do you carry? Since there are over 600 strings available on the market, I can’t stock them all:
1. I carry the most popular strings from all the well known manufactures.
2. Many of my customers provide their own strings. I just charge for labor.

6. What is the cost of restringing?
1. Restringing cost ranges from $25 for a good synthetic gut, to $60 for natural gut.
2. If you provide your own string, the labor is $15 to have it installed.

7. How long does it take to get my racket back?
1. If needed, your restrung racket can be returned in 24 hours.
2. If no rush, then an agreed upon date and time can be arranged.